Effective Ways to Speed Up Your Website

Mobile SEO is the best alternative for page ranking. If you want your page or site to be accessible faster, your page should be ranked at the top. Google also announced that page speed is based on mobile first index. There are many ways to improve the speed of the page. Some of them are discussed below.


You can do whatever you want like speeding up the site. When you increase the power your loading speed will get increased. Every people in the world love faster accessible internet. Search engines and SEO has major part in that. Google provides a wonderful tool called Google’s page speed insight tool, for page ranking. There are some steps to follow for best ranking of your site. Look at the size of the page, Images should be optimized, remove unwanted ads, Keep only few external scripts and also compress the code.

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Activate AMP on your pages

AMP is Google’s one of the projects. It is mainly meant for boosting up your speed of the site. The implementation of this tool is somewhat difficult. Though it has this disadvantage, it has some advantages too. It gives you faster access of your mobile site. AMP is for boosting your site not for ranking a site, but soon it might come to that condition.

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Through internet only you can bring your page to the top ranking position. Many technologies in the internet have bought some underlying techniques to the top. One of them is HTTP2. Previously we used HTTPS, to optimize the performance of the website but HTTP2 is used nowadays.

Switch to PHP7

As I have seen, today many people are using WordPress and it is because of easy site creation and user friendly UI. It is somewhat difficult to shift people working from WordPress to PHP7. But this has more technology advantage than any other website creating site. In the PHP itself, PHP5.2 PHP5.3 is unsafe and unsupported versions. When you shift from other website creating sites to PHP7, it will boost up your site.

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General optimizations

Optimization is the path for ranking your site on the top of the page. You can use CDN for optimization. Use a cache Plugin to keep your all static part of the site in a page. And also optimize the images so it will save the size of a web page. Optimize the code. These general optimizations might help you to rank and boost your site on top of the page.

Critical rendering path

Critical path rendering mainly done through CSS and JavaScript. When you have more content then your content will be blocked or it will work slowly. So clear all those obstacles and keep path free.

Always work on your page speed: Page speed is the important criteria. Keep tracking on it. Install some page speed apps, so that you can get regular updates.