Free or Fee

Dedicated Resources

We provide you with enough option to choose the dedicated resources based on your requirements.

Free Domain

Operating System

Flexible Web Hosting Options where you can host Linux-based operating system which you can choose by yourself.

Free SSL

Security & Uptime

Our powerful servers come with DDOS prevention. Guaranteed Uptime with secured servers helps you to stay problem-free.

Free Priority Support

Free Priority Support

Our responsive support system gives instant response to solve all your technical issues in minimum time.

SeekaHost India VPS Hosting Pricing Plans

Fully Managed SSD VPS Hosting in India, where you can get both Linux and Windows OS in High-Speed and Completely Secure Servers!

Web Hosting

Starter VPS Hosting

Everything you need to start a website or blog for your business

Starts with 20% Off at₹649.00 INR/mo

  • CPU - 1vCPU
  • RAM - 2 GB
  • OS - Centos(default)/Others
  • Disk Space - 50 GB
  • Bandwidth - 1000 GB
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Web Hosting

Standard VPS Hosting

Everything you need to start a website or blog for your business

Starts at₹1,700.00 INR/mo

  • CPU - 2 Core
  • RAM - 4 GB
  • OS - Centos(default)/Others
  • Disk Space - 100 GB
  • Bandwidth - 1500 GB
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Web Hosting

Bright VPS Hosting

Everything you need to start a website or blog for your business

Starts at₹2,500.00 INR/mo

  • CPU - 4 Core
  • RAM - 6 GB
  • OS - Centos(default)/Others
  • Disk Space - 150 GB
  • Bandwidth - 2000 GB
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Features of Managed SSD VPS Hosting

High Speed Servers

High-speed servers

Getting a dedicated resource with high-speed SSD servers for the website makes it very simple and helps to grow better.

Guaranteed Uptime

Guaranteed Uptime

Reliable Servers with guaranteed uptime makes it so easy and cool to launch your VPS with dedicated resources.

User Friendly UI

User Friendly Interface

The interfaces we provide are self-explanatory and easily understandable by any rookie users.

Responsive Support

Responsive Support

A Dedicated Team From SeekaHost is always ready to respond for all your web hosting needs.

Instant Provisioning

Instant Provisioning

Get the VPS Hosting packages instantly after ordering. Don’t wait for minutes or hours as it’s ready to launch.

Dedicated Ip

Dedicated IP

In all VPS hosting packages, we will provide you with 1 free dedicated IP. You can contact us for additional IP’s.

Security Configuration

Security Configuration

All your servers come up with Firewall, Free SSL Certificate and basic configuration as a basic security feature.

7 Days Money Back

If you feel that we fail to provide the best service as promised, we will provide you with guaranteed money back for the first 7 days.

SeekaHost VPS Hosting

VPS Hosting India: Virtual Private Server Hosting is an environment of a virtual part in the real-time server. Secured and Lightning-fast servers with abundant resources that scale up your business growth online.

Do you need more resources than shared hosting but don’t need a power of dedicated server? Then you should go for VPS Hosting, it has high performance than the shared hosting. Our VPS Hosting plans are at the best price over the Competitors. And also, the VPS comes with the updated hardware’s and Processors to avail you with the Ultimate performance and reliability.

VPS Server
Why SeekaHost Best VPS Provider

Why Choosing SeekaHost VPS Hosting?

SeekaHost comes up with the best Virtual Private Server Hosting which is best for Business Professional and enterprise level clients to manage their data in a secure manner, with the root level access and can access the data wherever they want on the internet. SeekaHost products and services are always toned to their clients’ needs after several market research and analysis. So don’t wait just try our VPS and get reviewed after it satisfies your needs.

Why VPS?

Start managing your websites on your own under the VPS plan from SeekaHost, Cost effective and highly reliable server for high-speed operations. You can decide how to allocate your resources, irrespective of whether you want to host smaller sites or one large website. It is a highly flexible and offers complete control over your operating system.

Indian Managed VPS Hosting
VPS server price and support

Dedicated Support

We monitor your VPS 24/7 and will respond immediately. We will often fix an issue before you're even aware. All of our VPS hosting plans come with cPanel*. You will be able to completely manage your VPS via control panel powered by cPanel. Manage your domains, email accounts, files, databases with simple user-interfaces.


What is VPS

VPS is a Virtual Private Server where the Physical resources will be shared and allocated individually.
which means you’re provide with the dedicated resources on physical server with private partition.

What is Self-Managed VPS?

Self-Managed VPS is fully owned and managed by yourself unlike the managed VPS, self-managed VPS is more secure the full control of your resources is only with you with root-level access.

Are virtual private servers secure?

Our VPS hosting services are securely monetarized by specific software. It ensures high-level protection, and advanced DDoS protection, along with other tools designed to protect and monitor the complete interface of the server.

Who can use VPS?

If you are looking to run software or test a new operating system, store secure data, or host a web application/website with dedicated resource, but don’t want to use a dedicated server, then VPS Hosting is for you.

How many websits i can host on a VPS?

Yes, you can host as many websites as you want on your VPS. Usually, it depends upon the resources you have on your VPS.

What are the Control Panels available?

You can choose between cPanel / Plesk, or if you wish to use any other control panel, then with the root access, you can install.

What support will i get while using VPS?

We provide you with configuration support at the time of purchase. You can use our 24*7 support, in case you need any.

Can I get IP for my VPS?

Yes, you’re provided with the 1 Free Dedicated IP at the time of purchasing VPS.

Can I choose the server location for VPS?

You can choose at the time of purchasing by contacting support to check the available locations.

What is the advantage of VPS compared to Dedicated server?

You don’t know the need to worry about hardware and RAM monitoring the status as it was managed by us on VPS.

How do I access my VPS?

You will be provided with root access to your VPS, through which you can access.