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How Page Speed Affects Conversion?

Normally, if a person is looking to project their business over online then they must start with a website. Based on the appearance and functionality, website is classified into two types as Static website and Dynamic Websites. Nowadays people were used to like the functionality of the Dynamic Webpages than the static websites and that’s the reason, Dynamic Websites were proposed by most of the Business people.

The reason behind a website is to convey the information to the people. If it is a business website, the information to be shared are about the company, list of products/services that they offer and their descriptions. It is very much important to convey the information to the people than the design or attraction. That’s the  reason the business people will like to convey the information through the Design.

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How to Check Page Speed?

Loading Time of a web page is the time taken by the webpage to load the entire page completely. Here if the page speed is high then the webpage will get loaded in minimum time which will be in milliseconds. In online we can see various web applications providing tools to calculate the page speed of your website. But it is recommended to check your domain with Page Speed Insights which is one of the google developer tools.

So in Page Speed Insights, after checking your entire web page it also suggests you the things to be done to improve the page speed. You can also download the optimized images from this as well.

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How it Affects Conversion?

Even if you are ranking in top of Search Results, you won’t get conversion if your website is facing problem in loading the webpage faster. Now a days users would like to check the website with good speed and user experience. So they won’t wait till the website loads. Instead they prefer to find the website with good page speed.

If a customer moves out of your site due to very low page speed then they won’t return back to our site even if we rank in top. So the page speed plays an major role in ranking a site. We must implement the page speed optimization to make better conversions. Search Engines also considering the Page Speed as one of the important ranking factor.