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Page Speed – Upcoming Ranking Factor for Mobile Results

Mobile Page Speed – Upcoming Ranking Factor

Mobile Page Speed of a Webpage is going to be considered as one of the ranking factor for Mobile Search Results. There are few variation between the Mobile Search Results and Desktop Search Results. Reason behind the variation in ranking is due to the factors considered to rank a website based on the keywords.

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Upcoming Ranking Factor – Mobile Page Speed

The Algorithm update is expected to get release by Second half of the year 2018 and they calling this update as a Speed Update. Nowadays people expecting the webpage to be very fast and responsive, which forces the search engines to list the web pages with very low loading time.

Search Engines must provide some user friendly and user expected results to satisfy the users. Users always will expect the best and will love to use the best. So it is the responsible of developers to modify the application based on the user expectation and to deliver the best.

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Previous Update About Page Speed

Previously in 2010, Google announced Page Speed as a ranking factor but it is only based on the desktop speed. So as a growth and development now google is focussing to deliver the best for mobile users. As per the frequent analysis report released by most of the giants shows that the Searches were made through mobile devices were high when compared to the desktops.