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Transfer domain from any registrar to SeekaHost India with ease at the cheapest charges.
We made domain transfer process easier for you with full-time support.

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Our domain transfer prices are among the cheapest prices in the Indian Marke.
We guide you through the process of how easy it is to transfer your domain name!

Simple Ways to Transfer Your Domain Online

These three simplified steps that you should be aware of, before transferring the domain names from any provider to us.
NOTE: Source registrar is your previous domain provider. You can modify DNS only before or after the domain transfer, not during it.

Step 1

Unlock and 60 Days

You have to unlock the domain registrar lock option and the domain should atleast 60 days old in the source registrar to initiate the domain name transfer.

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Step 2

EPP Code/Tag

You have to generate an EPP Code (aka) Auth Code in the source registrar, which will be received to your registered email id in source registrar. If it asks IPS tag, chat with us to get it.

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Step 3

Start Transfer

Once you received the EPP code from your source registrar, search the domain above and fill the EPP code at the next step to initiate the domain name transfer.

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What Forms a Good Domain Name?

There are a number of factors that determine the quality of a good domain name.
So, let’s go through them one after the other.

Transfer Domain

Why Transfer Domain to SeekaHost India?

SeekaHost India offers a perfect platform for you to manage domain names at ease. Our support team will always be available to chat or tickets or even through a call to help you with any domain-related assistance.

With SeekaHost, you get Free DNS management with an option to  Enable/Disable Domain Registrar Lock, and Update Private NameServer configuration on your own even without reaching out to us.  Moreover, You can get help from the experts of our team to update nameservers, configure Custom NameServers, Private Nameservers, Update Contact Information, and more on any technical aspects of domain queries.

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Domain Transfer and Renewal

Sometimes, you get your domain registered with some other Domain Checker platform. However, when it comes to renewal, it gets very costly, and you may not be prepared to bear that cost. But you still need to keep your domain.

A domain transfer to an affordable platform like SeekaHost India is your way in. You can easily transfer your domain name to the SeekaHost server and request a renewal for the same. Within minutes, your domain name will move to an entirely new platform and hosting and will have validity for an extended period as well.

Domain Transfer to SeekaHost India

Transfer your domain to the SeeekaHost India WorkSpace. A perfect domain partner that you can be found on Google or any search engine.
Get in touch with us to help you with domain transfer.

Your Domain Name myportfolio.

Why register with SeekaHost India?

DNS Management

DNS Management

TDNS management controls Domain Name System (DNS) server clusters. The purpose is to reduce human error when editing complex and repetitive DNS data.

Privacy Protection

Privacy Protection

Privacy Protection on your domain name ensures that your private information is not published by replacing all your publicly visible contact details with alternate contact information.

domain renewals

Anytime domain renewals

If your domain is registered with another registry, you have to transfer the domain to us before renewal.

Domain Theft Protection

Domain Theft Protection

Our domain theft protection with added security restriction prevents changing the domain name registrar without your permission and approval.

domain renewals

Increase Profitability

Profitability doesn't comes from the business alone but also by saving through Cheap Domain Name Registration and Renewals as well.

Domain Theft Protection

24x7 Customer Support

Client Satisfaction is our First Priority with our 24x7 Live Chat Support and Multi Lingual Call Support option gives you more flexibility and comfortness.

Domain Theft Protection

Domain Theft Protection

In addition to providing, you with the right domain name, SeekaHost India makes sure that it’s completely safe and secure. In case anyone is trying to steal your domain name, SeekaHost India will fight it and prevent your domain with its domain theft protection features.

To put it straight, the system will ask for permission at any instance of someone trying to change your domain name registration. This means that only authorized personnel can make any change whatsoever to your domain name registration.

That’s not it. Not only does the platform provide security and protection against domain theft, but it also makes sure that even the email addresses and accounts are protected and secure.

Domain Name Transfer

Domain Name Suggestions

Most of the time, you don’t get exactly the name that’s on your mind. Additionally, sometimes, you’re not even sure about what you want. You just have an incomplete idea, and you just start to mix and match things to your liking. The result is you end up taking a domain name that you don’t like later. 

SeekaHost Domain Checker prevents such impulsive and regretful decisions. When you start a domain name search on SeekaHost India, it starts suggesting you possible options, and every option is user-friendly and self-explanatory.

So, you might just get your job done more promptly without needing to put much thought into mixing and matching the names. 

Domain Name Transfer

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why should I transfer my domains to SeekaHost?

  • You will not be charged any additional cost apart from the transfer cost.
  • Transfer price will be lower than renewal price.
  • Immediate transfer initiate upon old registrar approval.
  • All over the world support and Transfer with any TLD.
  • Free DNS Management and enable ID protection on your need.
  • No restriction on your domain.
  • Low Renewal Pricing
  • What are the rules for domain transfer?

      1. Domain must be created at least 60 days ago.
      2. Domain must not be transferred from another registrar in the last 60 days.
      3. Disable Transfer Lock.
      4. Must have EPP/Authentication code to initiate the transfer
      5. Must Approve the domain transfer received to registered mail

    How to check if my domain is eligible for transfer?

    You can check in any whois tool like https://www.whois.com/whois, where the domain status must show either active or ok. If it shows any transfer prohibited status, please check with your previous domain registrar to remove the status.

    How do I transfer my domains to SeekaHost?

      1. Go to Transfer page
      2. Enter the domain name and click "transfer"
      3. Update the EPP code received from old registrar.
      4. Make the Payment.
      5. Your domain will be transferred to your account.
    Note that some other TLD or ccTLD may have different process or certain policy to transfer. Please do check that.

    What happens after I transfer a domain?

      1. Domain will be moved to us once transfer complete.
      2. Enter the 60 day transfer lock period
      3. Service like email or hosting connected to the domain will be served from the old provider. If you decide to move them to SeekaHost, you can contact us anytime.
      4. You need to verify the domain ownership verification mail once the transfer is initiated

    How to I do renew my domain name?

    Once you transfer the domain to us and active, you will receive the invoice 15days before the due date. Once you pay the invoice, your domain will get renewed

    Do I have to wait 60 days to transfer domain?

    Yes. You have to wait 60 days from the registration date to allow the domain to transfer.

    Does domain transfer affect DNS?

    If you have already updated the nameserver in your previous registrar, the nameserver will be fetched and propagated from our end after the transfer. You cannot update the nameserver while the transfer is in progress.

    How much does it cost to transfer my domain name?

    You can check the transfer cost in the transfer page with your domain name and TLD.

    How long will a domain transfer take?

    Usually the domain transfer will get transferred within 24 hours or maximum of 7 to 14 days.

    What are the payment methods available?

      In SeekaHost we are providing,
      1. Debit/ credit card
      2. Debit/ credit card subscription.
      3. UPI Online

    Do I need to renew my registration?

    Yes. Domain names needs to be renewed once per year. Otherwise you will lose your domain and it will expire.