2018 Google SEO Ranking Factors According To SEO Industry Research By Experts

Search Engine Optimization Factors are the most important factors based on which the webpages are optimized to rank in top of search results. The Search Engine Ranking algorithm will be based on these factors and that’s the reason it is considered as the SEO factors. Also you know that the Search Engine Factors and their priority is keep on changing based on the algorithmic updates released by the Search Engine Giants.

It is not possible to optimize a website based on the 200+ factors and also they were not constant. As per the analysis and research reports released by the experts, it is clear that there are some major ranking factors which helps you to rank your website in top of search results.

website structure

Optimize your website based on today’s important signals.

  • Content

Content is one of the most important ranking factor in terms of SEO. If you are looking in to SEO for more than 2 years, then you must know the importance of a content to rank a webpage. But there is slight change in its importance from Keyword Specific Content to most relevant and natural content. Also in previous days by knowing the importance of Title Tag and Description, people were used to fill the title and description with Keywords based contents.

Now when you check the Search Engine Result Page, you can see the results where the title tags won’t have the exact keywords. Also only 53% in top 20 search results were found to have keywords in their title tag and more than 40% of the search results having the keyword in H1 Tags.

When it comes to content, Long term content will rank better when comparing to short form content. This is because the short term content won’t explain the matter in better ways but the long term content will give some brief explanation which search engines like.

To Optimize the content, you must have a thin content with a detailed information in each page. Try to post some authorized article to gain some good authority.

quality backlinks

  • Backlinks

Backlinks remain as the most powerful and important ranking factor. But over the years, the search engines learnt to identify the bad links from the Good ones. The backlink strategy is like getting more backlinks will be helpful to increase your domain authority and to rank among your competitors. But you must get the quality backlinks from different domains.

If many people were reading your content and if they like it, then the Search Engines also will like to crawl your sites from that high quality backlinks. This increases the authority of your site and will help you to rank your webpages easily over the search results.

Create High Quality Content and promote it to get some quality backlinks. Content marketing is the only way to get the backlinks in a structured fashion. You can also do competitor backlink analysis to identify the sites linking to your competitors and getting links for your site as well. So that it will be easy to identify the heavy sites.

website speed

  • Mobile-First Indexing

This is one of the Biggest changes made by the Google Search Engine is the Mobile First Indexing which means the crawlers will crawl the mobile version of the website for indexing the sites. Mobile Optimization of a website is very much important, so that the website loads fine in mobile and loading in seconds. Keeping your website mobile friendly is very much important and most of the websites were passing this criteria.

You must submit your site only if the mobile version of your website is completely ready. If suppose you are submitting your site during the development phase then it is dangerous. Don’t think it will help your ranking, it will hurt your ranking a lot if your site is in half way or developing phase.

Page Speed is another important factor which satisfies the customers who visit your website. Recent release by Google is that the Mobile Page Speed of a website will be considered as a Ranking factor.

seo analysis

  • Other Important Factors

There are other important factors which place some important role in ranking a website. Some of them are SSL integration, Google Ranking, Heading Tags, Anchor text and so on.

SSL – Secured Sockets Layer is very much important to keep the data secure during the communication. It is not safe to submit your personal information on the sites which is not secure.

H1 & H2 Tags – It is like adding heading for the paragraphs. It says what the content is about and it is recommended to have at least one H1 or H2 Tags.

Anchor Text – It is the most important one over which the links will be passed. If the links pointing the website without any anchor text then it is said to be Naked URL. It is very much important to have a relevant links to your site with proper anchor for better ranking.