Subdomain or subfolder for seo

Sub-domain or Sub-Folder | Which Helps in SEO?

When it comes to SEO, most of the questions were unanswered and ends with Confusion. SubDomain or Subfolder is one of the ongoing debates among SEO people.

According to Google, Subdomain  or Subdirectory, anything is fine. But making changes in URL Structure will take time to get settle down in Search Results. So John Mueller from Google recommends choosing the one which is comfortable for you. Check the below video by John Mueller which is about “Subdomain or Subfolder Which is better for SEO”.

According to this Video, it is very clear that Google treats subdomain and subdirectory as the same thing. So it is better to choose the best thing for you.

SEO Experts Disagree This!

Even though Google treats the SubDomain and SubDirectory as the same one, the effort involved will vary. Sub Domain or Sub Directory, anyway it is going to get ranked. But the effort needed to rank a subdomain is much higher when comparing to a subdirectory.

Normally Google treats the Sub Domain as its own entity. Most of the sites are used to place the different content in the Sub Domains.


Why Choose Sub Domain over Sub Folder?

If you are creating subdomains and choosing to provide different things, then it will be worth it. For example, You have a domain called and you are creating subdomains like,, Here you can see videos, music, and marketing – everything is going to provide something different from others. Normally it acts as a separate business and looks like an individual site.

Normally, if you are getting some links to your site then mostly it will point to one of your domains. Because each subdomain is different from others. In this case, it will be easy to project it as an individual to rank at the top of Search Results.

subdomain or subfolder

Why Choose Sub Folder over Sub Domain?

Most of the Business won’t be targeting multiple business ideas. Also, I have seen most of the sites having subdomains for their regular blog to increase their site authority. But does it happens? is a hypothetical question. So it is better to choose the subfolder for topic-based content which helps them to rank easily and the site will look user-friendly for the visitors.

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