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Important On Page SEO Techniques

SEO – Search Engine Optimization is the way of optimizing the website to rank in top of Search Engine Results Page. Nowadays bringing the website in search results is very much important to get the business. In India, number of people using the internet is increasing day by day. Mostly the Business people will target the area where people will gather together and Online is one of the place where most of the needy people will prefer to search. Everything is available over online, so whatever the people think they will search it in online. So to rank our website in search engine results, we must optimize the website.

The Search Engine Optimization is classified into two types as On-Page Optimization and Off-Page Optimization. Here we have explained the Important On-Page SEO Techniques to rank your site in search results.

Title Tag

Optimizing the Title Tag of each web page is very much important, because the title tag appears in the search results and based on which user will enter into the website. So search engine gives more important for the title tag to show the relevant results for the users. Stuffing the keywords is not the best choice but most people doing it still to rank in the top. But once the search bot identifies that the title is keyword stuffed, then it may penalize the site.

Description Tag

Description Tag will be shown next to the Title Tag in the search engine result page. The character limit is longer than the title tag and actually it is the crispy content of the web page. It explains what’s the web page about and keyword must be present at least once in the description tag.

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Alt Tag

Alt Tag is the alternative text added to the images. If suppose the image is not loaded properly due to internet issues or blocked resources then the alternative text appears at that position. So people can understand through the  alternative text that what’s the actual image is about. This plays a major role in ranking because the image must be related to the keywords present in it.

URL Structure

URL of a webpage must be user-friendly. Meaningful and crispy URL helps for better ranking. Keyword must be present in the URL for better visibility and results. Properly Structured URL will make the navigation so easy for the website visitors and also it is considered as the important factor.

Internal Linking

It is the powerful way of ranking the website. Title, description, alt tags and URL structure were very basic things that must be done for a website. Other than that Internal linking is the important one to explain the Search Engine that the webpage consists of more keyword related contents. Internal linking will be proper and effective only if the anchor text is provided properly based on the keyword and the web page.

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Keyword Density

The keyword density is one of the most important On-Page factor which helps to rank the webpage. Simple logic followed by the search is that, if a content is related to particular keyword then the content must have repeated keywords for particular amount of time. There various online tools available to check the keyword density of the content or a webpage.