Dominating Factors of Search Results

Search Engine is the place where people used to search for the things that they need or to gain detailed information about the product or services. Nowadays people started depending on internet to satisfy their needs which is completely because of its effective and accurate solutions provided over the web.

There are millions of websites over the web which is not a limit, still a lot will grow. Excess of websites will create difficulty for the search engine to list the sites. Also people started to rank their website by optimizing and by stuffing the keywords in the search engine. As a result, the periodic updates were released by the Search Giant – Google to avoid ranking the irrelevant or a keyword stuffed websites.

dominating factors 

Dominating Factors

  • Site Links

It is a structure that will get created based on the structure of the site and the authority of a web page. So it will make the site to look authorized by covering the search results page with the sitelinks. Users will enter into the website which is looking authorized and structured  than entering into a website which is not even ranking for their domain name.

  • Google Business Listing

Google Business Listing is nowadays playing a major role in Search Results. Because if a person looking for a service or a product to purchase from a store near him, then they will search by using the words near me or at particular location. During this time, Google Business Listing will be shown on the top before the organic results or the paid results. Sometimes if the site is so good for particular term then its organic ranking will be shown in top of the search results.

Google My Business

  • Rich Snippets

Effective Implementation of Google’s Rich Snippets changing the strategies upside down. It helps to increase the elements visible in the search. For example: Rating of a site will be visible in Search Engine Results which creates a unique appearance and trust to bring the customers to our sites.

Nowadays bringing the customers to our site is looking as a challenging task. So these dominating factors rules the Search Engine Results and it will be effective only if your domain is ranking in top of search results to get the visibility of the people.