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4 Important Tips to Develop SEO Friendly Website

People who target their business over online must have a website to land their users. So they will spend more money to develop an attractive website. But there is no use in having an attractive website without any ranking and views. So the website must be SEO friendly to target the users over the web. Search Engine Optimization is very much important to increase the Online Presence. Designing a SEO friendly website is very much important and below is the important tips to do it effectively.

  1. Social Media Integration

It is very much important to integrate the Social Media pages with the Website. Incorporating the Social Media Icons into the website design will help you to rank better in search engine results. So when designing the website make sure the Social Media Icons were present in it. It won’t help for ranking alone, but also to make the website look personalized.

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  1. Optimize the Images

Most of the people will optimize the website contents and they will not think about the images. But images too have capability to rank a webpage. Some important factors which optimize a images are

Image Size – Make sure the maximum size of an Image is 100kb. Because images of large size will make the site to load slow.

Image Name – Image name must be given in a meaningful manner, which must highlight that the Image is relevant to the content in that page.

Image Relevancy – Add relevant Images and make the site to improve ranking.

Alt Tag – Add proper Alt tag for the images such that if the image is unable to load due to various reasons, the alt text will appear.

  1. JavaScript Usage

To make the website to look more dynamic and attractive, the developers will use the JavaScript. But if the sites use more JavaScript codes, then it makes difficult for the search engines to crawl the website. To rank a website in top of search results, make sure the site is easy for the search engines to crawl and user friendly.

seo friendly website

  1. URL Structure

Mostly, URL of the coded website will look like something different and also the URL will end with the programming extension like “.php”, “.html” and so on. But search engines will expect the URL’s to be user friendly to provide the best for the Users.