Text Content Stealing

Edge Cases For Content Thieves in Google SERP

Every webmaster (or) a business owner might be aware that a website with proper and meaningful content helps in ranking the page on the top of the Google search engine. Thus, many people prefer stealing content from top websites and use the content on their own website. This made many web publishers to be afraid that the stolen content may have a negative impact on their website rankings. Also, there are lots of questions raised by different web publishers such as:

  1. Stolen content form my website ranked number 1 on Google search engine, But my original content not visible why?
  2. Spam copy site is ranking better? help!

It does not end here, there are lots of questions from web publishers. That was really a big loss for Web publishers. After all the questions, Google answered that there are some edge cases in Google to handle the content thieves.

Web publisher complaint:

Web publishers are complaining about the outranking of their original content website. But that’s not the entire situation here. Web publishers think, that the content thieves take their position on ranking for what phrase they were ranking for.

But that’s not the case here, content thieves are outranking the original site with a small piece of content, but not for the actual keywords that the original sites use. This stolen content may be ranking for extremely long tail keywords and that is not ranked properly since the Google search varies on extremely long tail keywords.

Google’s answer to the question :

Google has the best answer to the confused web publishers. One thing is that, the web publishers may have legal options such as DCMA protection. Still there is an important answer from Google is that there is an edge case in which Google manages the stolen content on the web. Still, if a content thief ranking on the Google for a small piece of content that does not mean that the content thief is outranking the original website content. It is a different factor.

The content thieves outranking for an actual keyword phrase, only happens in rare case. That means Google is doing it’s best to keep content thieves benefiting from stolen content. Finally, Google says web publishers not to worry about the content thief and it has an edge case to handle it and Google is doing it’s best to help original content publishers.