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SEO Guide To Get First Page Ranking On Google In 2021

In 2021, Online marketing is the advanced and the only technique by using which you can get more conversions for your business by ranking the website in the top search results of Google. By ranking the website on the first page of SERP you can drive more traffic to your business website. Here are some steps using by which you can rank your website in the top ten search results of Google.

Create The List Of Target Keywords:

A keyword analysis is the first step to start with Website Optimization. Using Google Keyword Planner create a list of keywords for your domain or business with a huge search volume, so that ranking the web pages for the list of keywords will help you gain traffic to the business website from search engines.

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Optimize The Site Structure Based On Keywords:

If your website structure is not up to the mark, then you cant rank the website in the Google search. Google loves the website which has proper site structure and also helps the users to easily navigate inside the website. Also, create the landing pages for the potential keywords and add the option like contact form, so that the users can easily get in touch with you if they land there.

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Competitor Analysis:

After selecting the list of keywords and creating the perfect landing pages on the site. Analyze the competitor’s site for the same keywords. Do some research on the backlinks of the competitors and try to obtain the links to your business website. Obtain the backlinks from only the authoritative sites and try to filter out the odd ones.

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Link Building Plan:

Before you start with SEO, have a perfect plan to build the backlinks. Obtain more do-follow links to the site from the various generic domains to increase the authority of the site among the competitors. Buying the backlinks from the high authority domain will also help you in increasing the organic rankings.

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Backlinks With Diverse Anchor Texts & Domains:

Anchor text is the link text, this defines the content that the link is pointing to. Backlinks with diverse anchor text will help in SEO to improve the organic rankings. Note that more than 45% of the anchor text you are backlinking from should contain the site URL and about 30% of the anchor text should contain the domain name or brand name. Approximately 14% of your anchors should be generic for better ranking in Google.

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Effect Of Update In Google’s Penguin Algorithm:

Google symbolically states that it’s not the number of backlinks that defines the ranks. Instead, the more the variety of domains you obtain the backlinks from, the more is the number of keywords you will be ranking at the top on the SERP. Make use of the Natural Anchor Text Distribution Formula and also, Increase the quantity of referring domains.

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Update With More Content:

Update the site with more content with the internal links. The content with the target keywords on the web page will help you to improve the rankings in the SERP. The more fresh content on the website, Google will love your page to show it to the users.

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Backlinking Tactics:

While providing the backlinks make sure that 30% to 50% of the backlinks are pointed to the home page of the site and 50% to 70% of the backlinks are pointed to the inner pages of the website. This seems more natural to Google and thereby helps in increasing the ranks in Google’s SERP.

On-Page Optimization:

Give equal importance to both the On-Page and off Page. Perfect On-Page Optimization with the interlinking will help you to improve the ranks in SERP. The On-Page factors include,

  • Title
  • Meta-Description
  • Heading Tags & Content
  • URL’s
  • Images & Alt Texts

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Create the web pages with unique content and avoid duplicate content in the web pages. Make sure that content has a sufficient amount of target keywords in it. Embed the target keywords in the image alt texts, heading tags, and in the URLs as well.

Common SEO Mistakes To Avoid:

  • Only the paid or purchased backlinks will not help you in increasing the rankings. hence try some natural backlinking techniques to gain improvement in the rankings.
  • Make sure that the purchased backlinks are active. Check this periodically.
  • Too much of something is good for nothing, so avoiding giving a bunch of backlinks from the same site.
  • If you don’t see any improvements in the rankings, don’t stop the backlinking works. As SEO is not built overnight, it will take some time to budge to the top of the SERP.

Update The Blog Regularly:

Update the blog regularly on the business website to make sure that the site is updated with fresh content. Daily blog updates on the site will help you in gaining site authority as well.

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Good UI/UX Design:

The website with a good loading speed will tend to rank in the top results of the SERP, Hence design a web page that is both mobile-friendly and fast to load on the desktops as well.

Position Tracking:

Periodically analyze the rankings of the web pages to ensure that the optimization is working on improving the rankings of the site. There are many tools available online to track the website ranks and also its improvements in the rankings from the past as well.

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Avail Services From The SEO Experts:

SEO is not a simple task to do. You can avail the of professional SEO Services from the best digital marketing company in the city to gain more traffic to the business website from the sources like search engines. SEO Consultants will help you out in optimizing the websites, right from the keyword analysis to the content optimization in the website for effective ranking in the search engines. Hence as a business people, to gain more clicks for the business website avail the SEO services from the best SEO company in the city.

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