Crispy Tips For Proper On Page SEO

On-Page SEO is the core part of Search Engine Optimization. As an SEO consultant, you should initially fix the On-Page issues and then you should focus on the Off-Page Optimization. Here let’s see some crispy On Page SEO tips.

  • Title Tag
  • URL
  • Meta Description

crispy -tips-for-on-page-seo

When it comes to On-Page there are many things to look into like Image Alt tags, Heading tags, content, Internal links, etc. For now, here let’s see the core part of the On-Page.

Title Tag:

The title tag is the blue text which appears as the link on the Search Engines Results Page (SERP). Google likes web pages with a title tag of 60 characters. Hence don’t exceed the length of 60 characters. When you are providing the title tag to the page, make sure that the target keyword is present in that. Embedding the target keyword in the title tag will help you to rank easily on SERP.


The URL is the web address of the target landing page. When it comes to the URL, try to give the short URLs and don’t give the lengthy ones. Just add the core part of the content in the URL and make it short and simple. Try implementing breadcrumbs on the website to help the users navigate easily inside the website.


Meta Description:

The meta description is the important thing to look in each web page. In the past, Google has shown the meta descriptions with the length of the 160 characters on the SERP. But recently Google has extended it from 160 characters to 320 characters. Add the meta description which briefly describes the content present on the web page. The meta description should be in a way that should tempt the user to click on the link and visit the web page to read the content.


Thus these are the main core factors in On-Page optimization. There are still some other On-Page factors to look in like internal links, content quality, heading tags, image alt tags, etc. As a business person, you should optimize your website in the best way to rank top of the SERP among your competitors. This can be done by the best SEO Company in India like ClickDo.