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Latest Updates of Google My Business

Nowadays, Search Results were playing a major role due to the importance of Online presence. Every company were looking towards online to make conversion because people started depending on internet to satisfy their needs and to identify the solutions.

In search results, if you are searching based on the location then you can find the Google Business Listing Sites before organic and paid ads. Sometimes organic results may rank in top of business listing because of its authority.  So this shows the importance of a company to have a proper Business Listings.

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Upload Video Option

Uploading Video Option in Google My Business Listing is the latest feature released by Google. Now people can see the video in the local search results and Google Maps.

Previously there are options to update the images in the Google My Business and later they allowed to post the small blog for  maximum of 300 words. In the post, the business people will mention the offers, latest discounts and so on. As people expect more discounts and offers, this helps them a lot.

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Business listing with video will change the things so strong. Uploading Video option will give clear picture about the company. Sometimes reviews in the form of text may not have much value, but a review submitted by the people in a video format  will create major impact on the product or the business.

There is certain limit in this options are Video timing and time taken to make the video live over local search results and google maps. The maximum duration of a video will be 30 seconds and it will take 24 hours to reflect in the search results & maps.