How to rank websites

What is the Most Effective Way to Rank a Website?

A website is the source of Online Business. Because it is the only way to promote your business to online users. It is not important to have a website alone, it is very much important to make sure your website is ranking at the top of Search Engine Results. Here we are going to see how to rank websites on Google.

Google Ranking

#1 Keyword

When it comes to search engine results, it is classified into two types based on the keywords. Two different types of keywords are Potential and Unique Keywords.

Potential Keywords – Potential keywords are a word or group of words using which people will search related to your website contents. For example: If you are a Web Hosting company, then “web hosting service provider” is your potential keyword.

Unique Keywords – Unique keywords were the odd or relevant terms. Normally ranking for the common terms will generate traffic to your website and which helps in conversions as well. Unique terms won’t have any competition and there is no use in ranking for such terms.

keywords - How to rank websites

# On-Page Factors

When it comes to On-Page Factors there are 100+ factors that act as a ranking signal in search engines. Below, I have mentioned the most important terms to rank your website on the Search Engine Results Page(SERP).

SEO - How to rank websites

SEO Title – Title Plays an important role to rank your website. If you are searching for something over the web, there you will find SEO Title and based on which the user enters into your website.

SEO Description – Description is the short content about your web page. Currently, the content limit for description has been increased up to 320 characters. Use your keywords in your description in an effective way for a better ranking. Kindly don’t stuff the keywords and which won’t help you in ranking and conversion.

Content – Make sure your web page is more relevant to the keyword you choose. So there must be some usage of keywords in your content as well. The content must contain more than 600 words which are recommended for better ranking.

Internal Linking – Interlink your web pages and posts within your web page using the relevant anchor text. Proper internal linking will help you a lot in ranking. Also, it helps to generate the site links in the Search Engine Result Page.

Link building SEO - How to rank websites

#Off-Page Factors

Links to your Site – Get Quality backlinks to your website or web page with some relevant anchor texts. Backlinking is the major ranking factor and improper linking may destroy your ranking as well. Google has announced a tool called disavow to remove the spam links pointing to your site.

Q/A Platforms – Try to answer more questions related to your domain. Point your domain through effective will helps you to get some quality traffic.

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