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Disadvantages of using WordPress Plugins in Your Website

WordPress is known for building websites and it also known as Content Management System. Building websites in this content management system is more feasible and reliable and it is easy for everyone. Creation of websites in WordPress is more efficient and user friendly. This gives us to create websites virtually with more themes, plugins and tools.

What is a Plugin?

It is nothing but software, which has many functions that can be fixed to the WordPress websites. It helps us to add many new features and functionalities. These plugins are written in PHP programming language and it is integrated to the WordPress. The most commonly used plugins are, All in one SEO, Wordfence security, Redirection and Bloom.

wordpress plugins disadvantages

Benefits of using plugins:

  1. It will make your website more user-friendly.
  2. It will help us to add more new features to the site and also you can add whatever you want in that site.
  3. You can integrate the features without working on the codes.

Disadvantages of using more plugins:

When you use wordpress plugins limitedly, it will give more benefits. But if you use more plugins there are many disadvantages. If you use more plugins in a site more than a limit, then loading of your site might get delayed, might get crashed or there may be some security issues. Below are some disadvantages,

wordpress plugins disadvantages

Performance of website: when you add plugins to your site, it will add PHP, JavaScript and other files to your website which might results in lowering the performance of the website.

Security problems: Not all plugins are good for your website. Some plugins might cause dangerous issues to your website. They may not be properly coded or codes will not be in encrypted form or it might not be updated for a long period of time. Using low level versions might result in security issues. This makes easier to hack the websites.

Website crash: One of benefit is, you can add more plugins to your website. But that is also a disadvantage if you go more than a limit. If you use, more conflicts might occur between the plugins and finally it might get crashed.

wordfence wordpress security

You can overcome these disadvantages by following the below techniques:

  1. Use only limited number of plugins. Avoid unwanted plugins.
  2. If you don’t need some plugins please do uninstall.
  3. Some plugins might be inactive in your site, take a look and remove those plugins.
  4. Always keep your plugins updated, so that you might avoid some security issues and escape from hacking.