Must Have WordPress Plugins

5 Powerful and Must Have WordPress Plugin

Plugins make most of the job so easy. Because if we want to add some codes or designs to custom-coded pages, plugins will make it so simple and another good example is optimization, plugins will help by suggesting us to optimize the webpage based on various factors to rank in top results.

Before installing the plugins, it is very important to check whether they were safe and good. Because most of the hacking attacks were made through the installation of unsecured plugins. Also, you must know how to choose safe WordPress plugins for your website. The 5 Most powerful and must have WordPress plugins for a website are listed below.

Must Have WordPress Plugins

5 Powerful and Must Have WordPress Plugin

1. Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is a powerful WordPress SEO Plugin. It helps to optimize the webpage based on the keywords. Most of the people were struggling to rank the website in search engine results. A user-friendly interface with step-by-step instructions provided by the Yoast SEO WordPress plugin makes the people’s job so easy. Important On-Page factors were listed and based on the quality of optimization it will be indicated through color. Keywords will be mentioned as an option and based on the target keyword our content will be optimized.

Yoast SEO

2. WordFence

WordFence is one of the Best WordPress Security plugins. If you are having a website, then security is very much important than anything. It is important to make sure whether the site and its content are safe. Hackers may intrude into the site in various possible ways so it is important to secure the site.

wordfence wordpress security

3. W3 Total Cache

Page Speed Optimization is very much important to make the user satisfied and comfortable. Users won’t like to wait for a long time to load the contents. So implementing Browser Cache Implementation is the best way to do it effectively. W3 Total Cache helps to implement a cache system in a WordPress website.

w3 total cache

4. Updraft plus

One of the best ways of keeping the data safe is by maintaining a regular backup. Sometimes we may delete the files without our knowledge or due to some wrong configuration. So maintaining regular backup is the only way to secure the data without any loss of content in it. Updraft Plus is the WordPress Backup Plugin with features to store the data in cloud storage.


5. Redirection

Due to various changes in the URL, the webpage may result in a 404 Page not found error. Sometimes we may change the content or the webpage URL for various reasons, so during that time, we must provide 301 permanent redirections from the Old URL to the new URL. Redirection WordPress plugin will help us to do that in an easy manner. There is an option to import the Excel sheet through which we can redirect multiple URLs at a single time.


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