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SEO Audit For Business Websites In INDIA

SEO Audit is the technical analysis of your website which includes the elements like On page factors, Off-page factors, website speed, etc. The proper SEO Audit of a website will give you the insights to develop the performance of your Website. SEO Audit report will contain the activities which you should be doing to improve the performance and thereby improving the rankings of the website.

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# Keyword Analysis:

The initial step in the SEO audit may be the keyword analysis. Use the tools like Sem rush or Majestic to find the list of keywords that you are ranking top in SERP for the user search query. Using the Google keyword planner find the potential terms with the high search volume and create an optimized landing page for those keywords. This will help you to rank your pages organically in Google’s SERP. From the keyword analysis try to create the geo targeted pages for the better rankings.

# On-Page Analysis:

On Page analysis of the web page will give the complete insights on how the web page looks to the crawlers or search engines. The web pages should have properly optimized heading tags, URL, title tags, alt text for the images, content with keywords embedded in it, etc. Internal linking also comes as the On page factor. The complete SEO audit will include the insights on how to develop the On page factors for the effective improvement in the rankings


# Off-Page Analysis:

Off-Page analysis refers to the backlinks that your website has got and also other factors. The off-page analysis also refers to the social media authority that your website has. Building the authority on social media accounts will have the good impact on the website. The perfect SEO audit will guide you to get more inbound links through visibility on online mediums. The audit will also contain the insights about the backlinks that your website has.

# Insights on citation building:

A local citation is the one in which your business website is mentioned in various places on the web. Your company details will be added to the business directories online, this is called as a local citation. The local citation building will make a great impact in improving the SEO of the business website. SEO Audit will provide the proper insights to get more visibility for your business using the local citations.

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Coming to the conclusion the perfect SEO audit will show you the insights to develop your site and thereby increase the performance as well. SEO is the strategy through which you can rank your business website on top of the organic search results of Google which will help you in getting more traffic to your business website.