seo process for new website

How to Start SEO Process For New Website?

Everyone around us started to understand the importance of the digital medium, which makes a huge difference in businesses to gain income. In such a scenario, digital marketing has become one of the top emerging industries in India that can assist any business to grow online. Digital marketing can be processed through different platforms in different ways. One such way is known as Search Engine Optimization. Let’s see the SEO process for new website.

What can SEO do to your business?

SEO can help any business to grow bigger. Though SEO can’t be done overnight, it will give you the trusted traffic and inquiries in the long term for your business. Some people who haven’t succeeded in SEO had created a myth that SEO is no more and dead. Do you believe in such proofless myths?. If not, then go on to read this article completely to know how you should start an SEO Process for a new website and succeed?

SEO For Business

Basic SEO Process for new website

As an easy picking, you must start your SEO process from On-Page SEO. When you’re all done with perfect On-Page SEO factors then you can move on to build backlinks and increase domain authority.

What are the On-Page SEO Factors you must do?

Start to fix primary On-Page SEO issues one by one,

  • Quality and User Readable Content [Very First Priority]
  • Catchy SEO Title
  • Well Written Meta Description
  • Perfect URL
  • Prioritized Heading Tags
  • Quality Optimized Images with Alt Tags
  • Long Tail Anchor Text For Internal Linking
  • Best UI and UX with Page Speed
  • SSL Certification
  • Finally, Sitemap Submission and Analytics Integration

When you solve these factors, your web page will be perfect enough to have all the main on-page SEO factors. In addition to this, you can also consider things like outbound links, keyword density, and other adding value factors. Once, everything is fixed, slowly move on to Off-Page SEO factors. The Off-Page SEO factors are completely dependant on generating quality backlinks and increase website authority. You can follow various off-page SEO techniques, that can help your website to bring trust flow for rank improvement.

seo process for new website

Let me tell you some of the important backlink generating strategies and platforms,

  • Link building.
  • Regular Social media engagement and marketing.
  • High Authority Social bookmarking.
  • Related Forum submission.
  • Geo-Based Blog directory submission.
  • Article submission with well-written quality content.
  • Engaging in Question and Answer platforms.
  • High-Quality Video Generation and submission.
  • Detailed Infographic submission.
  • PDF/PPT submission.

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