Digital Marketing and Blogging In India

Why Digital Marketing in India is Big Thing For Your Business?

The population of India is around 1.34 billion as of 2017 with 20% of internet users. Do you want to miss such a big market?

To be more specific, 20% users in the total population is around 26 crores. 26 crores is not all a small number of audience. With this being said, you can understand that India has a huge audience set and it will never dip in coming years as well. Let’s see from “what is digital marketing?” to “how can reach your potential audience?”

Digital Marketing India - Internet Users

What is Digital Marketing?

In words, Digital Marketing is advertising a brand, brand’s product/service through different social media forms in a different way. The Digital Medium can be a search engine, social media, email or any other digital technologies. Digital Marketing has different sectors to look like, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Video Marketing and much more marketing strategies.

Why a business needs digital marketing in India?

  • Cost Effective
  • Customer Tracking
  • Industry Specific Audience
  • Easy Interactive
  • Next Generation

Why Digital Marketing India

  • Cost Effective:

Compared to other marketing strategies, digital marketing can be really cost effective which helps you in bigger ROI. Paying to media and getting the attention of audience through TV or Paper Ad will no more workout for online business industries.

  • Customer Tracking:

Customer Tracking is the biggest concern since we don’t whether our ad reached to the audience we targeted. In digital marketing, you can easily track the number of audience reached with real-time insights and reports.


  • Industry Specific Audience:

Through other marketing strategies, we can advertise our brand, but the question is “are we reaching the potential audience of our market?”. The question can never be raised in Digital marketing since every industry-specific audience can be targeted through different platforms.

Social Media - Digital Marketing in India

  • Easy Interactive

Understand the live audience engagement in Digital Marketing. In 2018, trends in digital marketing changing the perspective of reaching the general audience through the internet. It includes Chatbots, Google Lens, Video Marketing and much more innovative ideas and technologies to interact with a set of audience to gain more engagement.

  • Next Generation

So, Where are moving forward? We are gaining attention of the next-generation audience, who are by default the future consumer of our products/services.

The bottom line of the whole article is, Indian audience has a great influence towards internet platforms. Before, your competitor, get into digital marketing to gain bigger ROI you had never experience before through any other marketing strategies.