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Tips for Effective Page Speed Optimization

What is Page Speed Optimization?

Page Speed Optimization plays an important role in Search Engine Optimization(SEO). As Google’s algorithm updates, page speed is also an important factor for ranking your website. When Google crawls a people’s search, the first thing it looks for is speed loading websites, then other factors such as internal and external links and more.

In simple, page speed can be defined as ” Page Load Time”, that is how much time it takes to load your website. It is important to check your website loading time. There are many free tools available to check your website page speed such as Pingdom, GTmetrix, Page Speed Insights, Web page test and more. If you have a low score (below 75/100) optimize and increase your page speed. If the page speed is high (above 75/100), try to maintain the same speed.

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Why is it important?

Do you think people visit a page which takes more time to load? That’s impossible. If a website is loading for a long time, users get upset and will never visit your page again. Landing page experience is an important factor when it comes to SEO. Only when your Web page loads fast, people will be enthusiastic to come to your page again and again.
For example, when a user is searching for products to purchase online. He/She will enter into your website within few seconds and search for the products that they are in need and purchase them immediately. This impression will make them visit the page again and again when they are in need of a product.

If your Website loads faster, then webpage can engage with more visitors. It helps in increasing your traffic and conversions.

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Some tips for minimizing your Page speed:

#1: Optimize your Website by Minifying CSS, javascript and HTML
#2: Reduce redirects, because the user has to wait for a long time till it redirects to a particular page.
#3: Leverage Browser Cache, browser cache stores lots of information and when a visitor again visits a Website it takes more time to load a page or it may reload the same page again and again.
#4: Enable Compression, Apply Gzip for file compression and reduce the extent of your CSS, HTML, and JavaScript files that are bigger than 150 bytes.
#5: Optimize your images, this is one of the important part. Because if your images are not optimized, that may take a more time to respond.