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3 Basic Tips to Optimize Your Blog Content

Search Engine Optimization is very much important to optimize and rank a website in Search Engine Result Page. Internet is the place where anyone can learn and execute the things very well. The large amount of data and information is completely all because of the bloggers. Because blogger plays a  major role in publishing the quality contents over the web. So here in this article I have explained the important Blog SEO Tips to optimize your website.

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Blog SEO Tips to Optimize Your Blog Content

  • Focus on Long Tail Keywords

Optimizing a blog post based on the keywords doesn’t mean that repeating the keywords all over the content. Also if you are stuffing the keywords in your content section, then it will hurt your SEO because Google considers keyword stuffing as a spam action

  • Keyword Presence in Specific part of the Content

To make sure your content is relevant to specific keywords, it is important to place your keyword once or twice in particular part of your content. By including the keyword based terms in the best part of your content will help you to rank in top of Search Engine Results.

Title Tag : Choosing the appropriate keyword is very much important and to make sure the content is more relevant to the keyword, you must place the keyword once or twice in the title tag. So it helps the users to know that the content is something related to the particular keyword. Also, this is how the search engine ranks a website too.

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Description : Giving optimized description is the most important of everything.Because description is the place which contains the crispy information about the content. So most of the people used to ready multiple descriptions before entering into a website. Placing your keyword very strong in the description will brings the user inside your website and also it helps to rank in top of Search Engine Result Page.

URL : Sometimes search engines also will figure out the URL to know more about the contents. So mentioning the keywords in the URL will be very much helpful to rank in Search Results and also creating the user friendly URLs will be very useful for better navigation.

  • Mobile Friendly & Responsive Blog

As per the recent survey, the search engine giant has revealed that more than 50% of the users were using the Mobile Devices to search something over online. So it is more important to have the mobile friendly and responsive blogs for better ranking and traffic as well.