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Simple Tips to Boost Your Website Traffic

The number of people started surfing over the web is keep on increasing and at the same time, countless websites were getting live daily. So it is very challenging task to index your website or to drive huge amount of traffic to your website.

Most of the people will be doing Blogs in regular basis but that won’t be effective if they don’t have any traffic to their website. Every Bloggers will be interested in getting more visitors to their sites. So in this article, i have shared few simple tips using which you can optimize your website to boost your website traffic.

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Simple Tips to Drive More Traffic to Your Website

Basic SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the method of optimizing your website based on certain ranking signals to rank your website in top of search results.

You may get some questions like How Basic SEO helps to Drive More Traffic? & What is Basic SEO?

Title Tag, Meta Description, URL Structure and Internal Linking is said to be the Base of Search Engine Optimization and these are the important factors which helps the users to enter into particular webpage.

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If you are searching for something in Google, you will enter into the website which has more relevant title and description. Sometimes you will look at the URL to verify that it is a standard webpage or not. If suppose the URL is having some irrelevant words then you won’t enter into the webpage and that’s the reason for the proper URL Structure. So provide a Strong Title which will make the user to understand about your Blog and when it comes to description, give some interesting points about that particular content which will bring visitors to your site.

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Social Sharing & Bookmarking

When it comes to Social Sharing and Bookmarking, it is a skill to bring visitors to your website. You must use most relevant and eye catching Title, Description and Feature Image. Below are the some of the effective ways to share your blogs in social media.

Facebook – People have started spending most of their time in Facebook. In Facebook you must choose some pages and groups which is relevant to your blog or domain. Because people who is interested in that particular domain will be formed as a group. So join the groups and start sharing your valuable blogs in it. Sometimes the group admin must approve the contents and if it is a valid content, then they may approve it.

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Google Plus – Google Plus is one of the most effective social media platform. Sometimes your Google Plus posts will rank in Search Results as well. In Google Plus, join the communities which is relevant to your domain. Also you can find some general blogging communities, using which you can reach most of the people. So if your post is looking valuable then you will get huge visitors to your website.

Twitter – Nowadays Twitter is the place to make something viral. When you are sharing some thing in twitter, you must choose the trending and effective hashtags to reach the right audience.

Also you can share your blogs on some social bookmarking sites and post your answers in Quora, which could drive some traffic for your websites.