Essential Types Of Webpage Design Elements That Every SEO Pro Needs To Know

As Google is working on its AI to improve the relevancy of search results and provide the users with the information what they are looking for, Every web designer should consider creating the web pages based on what the Google is looking for. Google loves the pages with the good loading speed on mobile devices.

Home Page:

The homepage is actually one of the single most visited pages of any website when the user enters. The user may then navigate to any of the internal pages from the home page, Hence the home page should contain the global information about the business and also should help the users to find what they need. On the view of SEO, Web designer should focus on inserting the keywords in the content and in the heading tags to improve the rankings.

Essential Types of SEO freindly Webpages

About Us Page:

The users will navigate to the about us page if they have any idea to avail services from you. In about us page try to add more about your company and work portfolio to make the users trust your business and avail the services. You can also plan to add the information about the team who are working to create a positive impact on the visitor’s mind.

Contact Us Page:

Essential Types of Webpages Every SEO Pro Needs to know

The foremost important thing that you need to focus is the contact us page. Design the site with the contact form, so that the user can easily get in touch with you. If possible, implement the live chat application on the website and interact with the users at the real-time who are visiting your website.

Services/Products Page:

The most important thing is to design the services page by providing detailed information about the services that you are offering. You may add the demo work or even videos about your services to make the users understand the business better. At the same time, update the SEO friendly content with some target keywords in it to make sure that the site ranks on top of SERP.

Essential Types of Webpages

As a business people focus on creating a website which loads faster on mobile and desktop devices. Designing SEO friendly websites will help you gain authority on the web and also to rank easily on SERP.