Google Blog Update

UPDATE: SERP Look Changes For Blogs

Google is rolling out many changes day by day. For bloggers like us, the recent update is a thing to cherish. Because the update is particularly for the blogging website.

What is the update?

Bloggers have been running behind Google Feature Rich Snippets so far. Now, Google brought in a new look for the blog itself.

A user’s basic search keyword for finding a blog is to add the niche + the word “blog”.

Like, SEO Blog, Tech Blog, Travel Blog, Food Blog and much more.

When you search for these kinds of keywords, you will not see the actual SERP (Search Engine Results Page) like it appear for other keywords.

The New Look Will Be Like This,

Search Keyword: Tech Blogs

Tech Blog - Google Blog Update

Search Keyword: Food Blogs

Food Blog - Google Blog Update

Search Keyword: SEO Blogs

FoodSEO Blog - Google Blog Update

The Most Point To Note in This Update,

When you click on the particular blog, it won’t be directed to their blogging platform, Whereas, it will be still on Google and shown like below,

SEO Book Blog - Google Blog Update

So, Niche Bloggers, what are you waiting for? Regular blogging is a great SEO Signal for any website. Get ready to do regular blogging like ClickDo India Blog and try to show up your website for your niche based keyword.

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