Google Bans Negative Reviews of Former Employers

Google Review is one of the important trust creating factor over online. Before purchasing or ordering anything over online, we used to check the reviews provided by the previous customers. Good Update is needed for everything whose usage is more important and critical.

Once people identified the root importance to increase or block the sales then they will start doing the things in a duplicate way. Google Review is one of the Important thing to be considered in this way. As a result, Google makes an update in its review policies and according to the update the people were banned to review their former work place.

google reviews

The recent update announced by Google will make the Reviews more accurate and good. Tool that shows the rating based on the stars allocated by the Reviewers, which appears when a person search for a business using the map or search engines.

Most of the User Contributed Content will be more valuable results only if the content is provided true and honest. If a person leaves away a office then they may post a negative review due to their personal problems or the Issues. So this will fake the things and due to this unfair activities people may lose the trust on the Tool.

former workers

In previous days, anyone with the Google Account were allowed to review the companies or products even though they experienced with that. Some people were started selling good reviews which will help the business to make good conversion.

As a result, tech giant said that the negative reviews posted by the former employees will damage the companies reputation. Now companies can directly contact Google to remove the unfair reviews which will help them to improve the business rating in the proper way.customer reviews