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Importance of Google Search Console for Your Website

In 2015, Google rebranded Google Webmaster as Google Search Console. Also currently (Feb 2018), Google has released a new version of Google Search Console with the improvements in User Interface and Reports.

Google Search Console

We know that, Google is the most used and famous search engine because of its user friendly interface and relevant search results. Currently, there are lot of changes in Search Engine Result Page which makes the people to get addicted to Google Search Engine. Also their works on personalized search results will just make them unique compared to other search engines.

Google search console beta

Google Search Console helps you to have a control of your website over the Search Engine Results. Suppose if there is any issue in ranking your website, you will be notified through Google Webmaster. You must verify your domain to get started with Google Search Console.  Be a webmaster of your website through Google Search Console and have a full control on it.

Benefits of Google Search Console

Effective utilization of the factors in Google Search Console will help you to boost your ranking in Search Results. Some of the important features available in Google Search Console is listed below.

google search update

  • Search Traffic
    • Get insights about your current traffic to your websites through the Search Console.
  • Keywords, Position & CTR
    • It is very much important to know where our site ranks for the main keywords. Know the keywords for which your website is ranking and gain more details like positions and CTR as well.
  • Internal Links
    • Internal Links were said to be the powerful ranking factor. So just review your internal linking and make it more useful and effective as well.

Google removed quick links

  • Links to your Site
    • Links to your sites is also called as Backlinks. It is very much important to get the quality backlinks. So you can check the domains that were pointing to your website.
  • Sitemap Submission
    • Everyone would like to index & Rank the site in Search Engine. To index your website, you must submit the sitemap in the Search Console.
  • Remove URL
    • If suppose, you want to remove the URL indexed or ranked in Search Engine Result Page, then you can remove it manually by submitting a request in this section.

googles update on SERP

  • Fetch as Google
    • Fetch as Google Option helps you to understand how Google crawls your site. So if there is any issue in crawling your website then you can check using this option.
  • Disavow tool
    • Spam links to your site will drop your rankings. So it is important to get quality backlinks alone. If you found some spam links to your website then you can remove it manually by using disavow tool.
  • Crawl Errors
    • Due to usage of various codes during the design and optimization process, there may be possibilities to get errors during the crawling. This may affect your ranking. So identify the crawl errors if any.

Make use of the resources effectively, to rank your website in top of Search Engine Result Page. Google Search Console is a free charge software, so there won’t be any restrictions in using it.