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How Google Search Organizes Information?

Before every search, the web crawlers will gather information from millions of websites over the web and will organize it in a search index.

Search Fundamentals

The websites were identified by the search program called Crawlers. The Crawlers will start initially with few web pages and later by passing through the links present in those web pages it will index the millions of web pages over the web. The webpages will be identified by crawler through the past crawls or through sitemap provided by the site owners.

It will pay special attention when the new site is becoming an existing sites and dead links. The program itself will decide how many pages to crawl and to fetch the pages from each site. Google offers you the full control about your website through Webmaster Console. Through which you can take control of the crawling status off your site.

Google Search Tags

Also you can hide the web pages from google crawler by updating it through robots.txt file. One important thing about this is, Google won’t accept payment to index or to increase the rank of any websites. Google Search Results is completely organic without any influence through money.

Google allows you to advertise your ads in search results but it is completely different from organic results. There are various rules for the ads that is to be shown in Search Results or through Display Network. After some deep analysis, Google have restricted from using few words as Search Content.

Identify Exact Results

Web is like a growing tree, where the websites will get increased gradually like a leaves in it. The special software called web crawlers which is used to identify the publicly available web pages over the web. Normally, the crawler identifies a particular website and will jump to another webpage through the links present in the website.

Once the crawler identifies a web page, it will render all the information present in the webpage and will be stored based on the keywords. Once the user searches for a keyword, then it will be identifying the exact search results by various comparisons like the number of times the keyword present in the webpage, presence of synonyms for the particular keyword, the number of webpages pointing to the particular webpage for that keyword and so on. These things were considered to be the ranking factors as well.