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Importance of Mobile Friendly Website – New Search Updates

Every Business people must have website to promote their business over online. Also nowadays indexing and ranking a website in Google Search Engine is becoming a challenging task. Even though there are various Search Engines, we prefer to rank in Google because most of the people from various regions prefer Google than other search engines due to its user friendly interface and personalized search results.

google search update

Nowadays we can see lot of changes in Search Engine Results and its algorithm as well. So to rank your website in the top of search results without any drop, then you must be updated about the latest search updates. Mobile First Indexing is one of the important update which came in effect few days back after a long testing.

Importance of Mobile Friendly

More than an year, Google is keep on updating its search algorithm for mobile devices to provide the best things. Only reason behind the things were “the number of people access the Google Search Results were high in Mobile when compared to desktop devices”. Also the aim of Google Search Results is to provide the effective results for their users.

How Mobile Page Speed Will Impact SEO

If your website is mobile friendly and responsive for the mobile devices then it is fine or else the users won’t feel comfortable to use your website and it will increase the bounce rate of your website.

If your website have AMP and Non AMP based Mobile Sites, then Google Mobile First Indexing will index the Non AMP based Mobile site. Suppose if your website doesn’t have any mobile friendly website then it will index the desktop version of your website. So if you don’t have the mobile friendly website then its the right time to do it. If you fail to do it then it may become worse for your online business.

As Google – Search Engine Giant is showing some importance to capture the mobile audience, then as a business owner you must also want to provide the best for the mobile users. As a business owner you must know the importance of ranking your website in Search Results.