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Google’s New Search Console is Missing Data

Google Webmaster allows the site administrator to the indexing status of a website and to optimize the visibility among the search engines. You can submit the latest released posts, pages or the sitemap using the Search Console. You just need to signup with your gmail account and want to verify the website by placing a piece of code. Google webmaster tools is rebranded as the Google Search Console by the year 2015.

Recent help document release by Google explained about “Why reports are missing in new Search Console”and the two main reasons were provided by them as mentioned below.

Google search console beta

1. Migration is Not Yet Completed

Recently, Google releases their latest version of Google Search Console which is a Beta Version. Most of the users complaining that they were not able to find the information as in the previous version of Search Console. As the beta version is released for all the users, the migration part is not yet completed.

As the size of data is keep on increasing, it is important to update the interface as well. Because showing the same for all kind of datas is not a suitable way. Migrating the content from one version to other without any proper planning may collapse the system. So they migrating the features one after other to make the things smooth and positive.

2. Looking for a Better to Present the Data

Every report will not be migrated same as that in the previous version. There may be some improvement to visualize the data in better way. Also we can expect some different datas may be grouped together to form a new report. If you were unable to find some data in the Search Console Beta Version, then the users were suggested to use the Classic Search Console.

When  it comes to data, representation is very much important. Change is what the user likes and also it must provide something different than the previous one. Giving a positive change will attract the users and also it will help them to visualize the things.

Google assured that they will not stop showing important search console data for the users. As you have options to switch between the Beta Version and the classic search console, the data’s won’t get missed.