How to rank the website in Featured Snippets?

Well, Google started showing the zeroth result on the SERP as the featured snippets. When you search for any terms like comparing two things or any questions, Google will show your answer directly in the featured snippet. You need not visit any web page to find the content that you are looking for. Here let’s see the ways how to rank for featured snippets in Google.

How to rank the website in Featured Snippets - seo tips

# Update the site with more blog posts answering the queries like “How to”, “What is”, etc. Most of the users will search on Google with the motive of really finding some solutions for their search queries. So, Google has started giving more importance to that kind of query and started showing them on the featured snippets. Update the blog with many question-based posts to rank your web page on featured snippets.

Featured Snippets optimization

# The next thing which Google gives more importance is that “Comparison”. In a recent study, Google had found that users have made more searches by comparing two things. For example, if you are looking to buy a smartphone, then you may search by comparing two phones and look for the best. Hence updating the blogs on your website by comparing two things related to your domain or industry will help you to rank your site in featured snippets.

seo tips - Featured Snippets optimization

Hence as a blogger or the business people trying to rank the web pages on the featured snippet of the SERP, just follow these simple tips and do basic SEO. You will get the site ranked on the featured snippet if your content is unique and worth being ranked on top. Ranking the web pages on the featured snippet will help you drive more traffic to the website and it will also increase the CTR.

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