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Google Search Update On Featured Snippets for Multi-Intent Queries

Google is keep on updating its Algorithm, User Interface, Search Features, Display Strategies and so on. Everything is to provide the best and to capture most of the audience. Few months back, I read some article about Search Engine Growth and there i could see some positive growth of other search engines with a small drop in Google. During that time, i thought that the Google Search Engine is losing its marketing. But now with their latest updates, they just providing the users what they want.

google search update

Featured Snippets for Multi-Intent Queries

Featured Snippets for Multi-Intent Queries is the recent update release by Google. Also, the Multi-Intent Queries were not visible for every search query. It is shown for specific search results based on the availability over the search network. Some of the multifaceted snippets were available over the web which is shared over twitter and other social medias as well.

Featured Snippets for Multi-Intent Queries

Featured Snippet will Reduce Organic Results?

Due to various frequent updates, Everyone is thinking about the Organic Search Results. As Featured Snippet is just an additional feature added to the search engine result page, it won’t reduce the count of Organic Search Results. But the only disadvantage because of featured snippets were, the user will not engage with the remaining results. Because if you are searching for an information and it is available in top with a short brief then you won’t look into other websites.

Google Featured Update