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Why Ads were Not Showing in Google Search Results?

Most of the people prefer to search something over online based on their needs. So this shows the importance of promoting your business over online. Ranking your website organically over search engine is a time bounding task. So promoting the website over Search Engine Results through PPC Campaigns is the effective way. There are different types of Campaign based on the targets.

You target the customers who search your business from mobile phones through the call only Ads. Also at the same time, the call only ads will not be shown over desktop devices and so the separate campaigns must be started to run over the desktop devices.

How Search Ads & Call-Only Ads compete each Other?

Mostly, call only Ads will be very effective to target the Mobile users. Also the PPC Ads created on the Search Network will be effective for the desktop users. Most important thing for all kind of ads is the effective targets and potential keywords. To avoid spending amount for irrelevant searches, you must add the potential keywords with exact match and also want to add the irrelevant keywords in the Negative keywords section.




The keywords selection for the call only and  Search ads will be the same. So mostly we will run the Ads for both, so search ads will be displayed both in desktop and mobile devices whereas the Call only ads will be shown only on mobile devices. So here the Call Only Ads will compete with the Search Network Ads for the same keywords and this will increase the bidding as well.

Why Ads were Not Showing in Search Results?

If your ads become competitive to each other, then if you check the ads over the Diagnosis tools in Google AdWords then it will show the results as “Ads were not Showing”. Even though if you have increased your Bid based on the estimate top page bid, you will be seeing this results. If it is so, then you must do few changes for your campaigns. Just create two different campaigns for Call Only Ads and Search Ads. search ads

In call only Ads, you must mention 100% for the tablet & mobile devices and for the search ads mention 100% for the Desktop devices. So the search ads will not become competitive for the call only ads over the mobile devices and it will surely solve the problems at the earliest. So hit is recommended to optimize the campaigns to target the exact users for better ROI through Google AdWords.