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How to Increase Speed of Website – Simple Tips

Website is very much important to project your business over online. People will like to develop an attractive website to make the customers satisfied. Creating an attractive website is a good one but that should be user-friendly. If an attractive website with proper content takes more time to load a webpage then the user won’t like to wait for it.

User needs to see the contents at the time they enter into the site. Once if your site took a long time to respond or load perfectly, then that user will not come back to your site again. Page Speed Optimization of a website acts as one important factor to rank among our competitors on the search engine result page.

How to Increase Speed of Website

Page Cache Implementation

Every time if a website loads the content from the server, it will take a long time to respond, and also it is based on the server capacity too. So once your website cache is stored in the web browser, then it can get loaded from that too. Not the whole website will get stored in the cache but few things which help to load the website faster.

Loading the whole website contents from the server will take a long time than loading from the browser cache. It is easy to implement in your WordPress website through some powerful and user-friendly plugins like W3 Total Cache or WP Fastest Cache.


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Content Delivery Network

CDN or Content Delivery Network is a geographically distributed network of proxy servers. If CDN is integrated with the website, then the website data will be fetched from the nearby servers to provide data at high speed.

Also, you can notice that once your CDN integration is successfully done, the content will be loaded from the nearby servers and if you check the URL of the image or other resources inside the pages it will be showing the address of the nearby server.

How to increase speed of website

Image Optimization

Optimizing the image is very much important because it takes a long time to load images of large size. For better quality and loading speed, it is recommended to make the image size small and good. Users must have good experience viewing the site by loading the images in seconds and also it reduces the website size.

Mostly the images will be of large size but they will not display as the same. So using the images based on the requirements will save a lot of time. There are some WordPress plugins available to auto-optimize the images and it may save a lot.

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