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Why Image Optimization is Must for a Website?

Website is must for every online business and at the same time it is much important to load it in seconds. If this is the answer for the question “Why Image Optimization is Must for a website?” then next question in your mind will be “How Image Optimization alone will improve the page speed?” Your Question is right. But you should think one thing that what are the contents that we use in our websites.

Using large texts won’t increase the size of a webpage. But using some heavy image will took long to respond and also it depends on the network connectivity and server capacity. Loading the files in a very short time is the challenging task for the web developers.

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The large size files that we use in our webpage is video files and images. So if we reduce the size of these files then it helps us a lot to load a webpage in very short time. This shows the importance of image optimization for a website.

Image Optimization is considered as a ranking factors by the search engines. As search engines were updating their algorithms to provide the best results for the users. So the webpages which is user friendly and very low loading time is targeted by through the ranking factors. Even though if a website with very low page speed is shown in top of the results the conversion rate will be very low because of its loading time. People won’t wait for long time to load a webpage so if a website took long time to respond then they will come back and will move to the next site.

How to Optimize the Images?

Normally, Image Optimization can be classified into two types as Image Size and Texts. If you optimize the images with respect to size and SEO, it will help you a lot to rank a webpage. If you are looking at image size, then you must use the image with very low size and good quality. At the same time in terms of SEO, you must add proper alt tags for the images so that the text will appear if the image is not loaded properly.

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Also you can add title tag and description for the images for better understanding of search engines. Making the search engines to understand will help you a lot in ranking them as well.