Google Display Network

How to choose the Bidding strategy for Display Network?

Are you confused about choosing between best strategies for your campaign? We’re here to explain which strategies suit you for better conversion to focus on receiving clicks, impressions, conversions, or views!

Five-For Goals

Direct Action:

Use conversion tracking for the user to take direct action on your website, smart bidding strategy in AdWords will work well.

Generate Traffic

Go for CPC (Cost Per Click) Bidding, when your motive is to bring in traffic to your website.

Brand Awareness

Make use of viewable impression(vCPM), when your ideal thought is to increase brand awareness instead of driving traffic to the website.

Video Ad

When you’re running video ad with the motive of increasing views or interaction with the users, you can use either of Cost Per View (CPV) or CPM kind of bidding.

Video For Branding

Similarly, if the video ad is to increase sales or brand awareness, then cost-per-view bidding is enough.

ppc bidding strategy

Smart Bidding Strategies:

Target CPA – Cost-Per-Acquisition

Target CPA helps to increase conversions optimization when you’re targeting a particular cost-per-acquisition.

Target ROAS – Return-On-Ad-Spend

When you do conversion value optimization, you can make use of Target ROAS Smart bidding to increase conversion value while targeting a particular ROAS(Return-On-Ad-Spend).

Maximize Conversions

If you have decided to optimize the Ads for more conversions, also you have if you want to spend your entire budget instead of targeting a specific CPA, then you can use maximize conversions bidding strategy to achieve the target.

conversion with ppc

Enhanced cost-per-click (ECPC)

If you decide to automatically adjust the manual bids to maximize the conversions, then you can go for Enhanced CPC. It is an optional feature available in the manual CPC bidding strategy.

Maximize Clicks

Maximize Clicks is a kind of automated bidding strategies, which is one of the simplest ways of bidding strategy. The only thing you have to do is to set the daily budget where the system will automatically calculate the bid for Ad to increase maximum clicks within your budget.