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3 Things that You Should Not Do in Google Display Network

What is Google Display Network?

Google Adwords is splitted into two groups as Search Network and Display Network. If a person searches something over the web then that is said to be the search network. Search Network consist of organic ranking and also it may have some paid ranking over the top for competitive keywords. When it comes to Display Network, the paid Ads will be shown on the huge network of sites based on the target that you select.

How Display Ad Appears?

There are two different types of Advertisements that we can do using Display Network. They are Display Advertising for Targeted Audience and Remarketing. Targeted Audience is set by identifying the potential customers through the deep analysis with their previous sales or customer details.

If you are targeting a set of audience then your Display Ads will be shown to the people who matches your audience set. When it comes to remarketing, you will have a set of audience list (website visitors) and your Ads will target them over the web.

Google Display Network

3 Important Things to be Avoided in Display Network

  • Don’t Advertise with Display Select

Display Select is the combination of Search Only and Display Only type of campaign. If you are advertising with this campaign type, you can Ads will be shown to the people if they search orelse while visiting various other websites over the web. Google says “It is the Good Idea to target the entire people but it is not”. Yes, Google will completely swallow your budget with this campaign type.

Normally it uses most of your budget in Search Network and will complete the remaining through the display network. That’s the reason you must avoid choosing the campaign type as Display Select.

  • Avoid Over-Layer

People will try to plan the things to make more conversions and they will fell into the discussion about Over-layer. Over Layer may look like capturing all the people but it won’t give clear analysis or identity. It will overlap one another and also you can check which ad performed the best and which gave you more conversion. If you have more plans for the advertising strategy then you must do the things with few variation so that you can track the things properly.

If you are doing something then you must have an option to do the things which will help you in future. If a single campaign is created with a particular then the analysis work will be more easy. So that it is recommended to avoid over-layer in order to analyse the perfect campaigns to achieve your goal

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  • Don’t Target in Game Applications

Targeting your ads in the gaming application is one of the dangerous idea and it will swallow all your money easily without any benefits. Most of the interesting and real time gaming application will be in a interactive manner, so suddenly if an ad appears in between the game then the user may a click without his interest. Those clicks won’t be a matter for them but it matters a lot for your business.

Getting potential clicks is very much important and also you must spend you money in a effective way to grow your business.