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Different Types Of Bidding Strategy In Adwords

Google Adwords is the online internet marketing platform developed by Google to help the business people to get more conversions from online mediums like Search Engines. As a business people, you need to pay for Google only of the user clicks on the ad to visit your website. There are several bidding strategies in Google PPC which you should try to get the clicks for your Ads.

Manual CPC (Cost Per Click):

Manual CPC lets you to set the maximum amount that you can spend for each click on the ad. Also using manual CPC you can set the amounts for specific keywords as well. If you notice that certain ad group or keyword have high potential, then you can set the high bid for that particular keyword or ad group. Using manual CPC you can set the maximum bid from ad group level and also keyword level as well.

Automated CPC (Cost Per Click):

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In Automated CPC method, You will set the daily budget for your ad and also you will let the Google to control your bids, In Automated CPC, Google will try to give you the maximum number of clicks at the given budget. The drawback in the Automated CPC is that it won’t allow you to set the maximum cost per click.

Enhanced CPC:

Enhanced CPC allows google to increase or decrease your bidding by 30% to help you get more clicks. Enhanced CPC helps you to get more clicks on manual bidding. Thus enhanced CPC works by adjusting the manual bidding to help you get more clicks.

CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) Bidding:

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CPA bidding is the advertising method which lets you to pay only if the conversion happens and not for clicks. This conversion will be defined by you while you are creating the ad. Thus in the cost per acquisition, you need not pay for clicks unless you get a conversion.

CPM Bidding:

In CPM bidding you will pay for Google based on the number of Impressions that you get for your ad on the Google Display network. You can use viewable CPM bidding to pay only if your ad is viewed by the audience.

Target Search Page Location:

The target search page location will is the automated bidding strategy around the ad groups, keywords, etc which will make your ads to display only on the top of the page or on the first page. In this type of bidding your ad will be displayed on the top or it will not be displayed anywhere

Maximize Clicks:

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In the maximize clicks you will not be setting the bid amount for the ad groups or keywords. Instead which you will set the target daily budget and the AdWords itself will adjust the budget for you to get a maximum number of clicks on the available budget.

Thus these are the some of the adword bidding strategies through which you can get a maximum number of clicks for your Ad. Google PPC will help you to get more conversions for your business from search engines based on pay per click strategy.