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Google AdWords New Targeting Features

Every experienced advertiser is aware that Google AdWords allows us to target audience not just using keywords but with more features like re-marketing, similar audience target, demographic target and now its with new improved customer match. Google doesn’t stop just with these features, it has recently released life event targeting to everyone. Life events targeting includes married, college graduation and moving.

With these interesting Google updates, advertisers can take advantage of this new life event targeting feature within their Google AdWords Account today.

How to set up?

First, an important thing to be noticed is that Life Event targeting should be set up at the AD Group level in either a Video or Gmail only campaigns. Being in the AD Group level, under audience tab, select “Intent and Life Events” option Present in the centre.

After selecting Life Events, you can choose from the options such as in-market audience or life events. Life Events can be split into College Graduation, Marriage and Moving soon. The Life events Targeting can be layered with in-market audiences, affinity audiences re-marketing lists.

About Events Targeting:

College Graduation:

There is more potential for Business people who advertise job hunting services for students who graduate and entering “real world”.

However, as people graduate, there is a lot of complex needs that advertisers can benefit from. Apparel promoters may discover this modern professional demographic has an improved demand for clothes.


During marriage season, everyone will have a lot of work to do, lots of planning and lots of shopping.

Search Services for event organizers, venues, DJs, caterers, florists, jewelers, rental suppliers, photographers, videographers, and so many.

Google’s assisting advertisers to gain maximum ROI based on these potential customers in real time.


People preparing their move (from one place to another) are absolutely a target audience for advertisers who provide moving or storage services. Likewise, there is a unique chance for real estate agents to gain clicks from these audience. By layering Google’s In-Market audiences, they could probably serve their ads particularly to people who preparing a move and looking for either rent or buy a new house.