SEO: Is Still Domain Authority An Important Ranking Factor?

As an SEO analyst, you may find it tricky to analyze which Google gives more importance as a ranking factor. To make this more simple, recently John Mueller gave some insights on how Google uses the domain authority as the ranking signal. In Reddit, John Mueller has responded to the question asked related to the domain authority. Let’s see why domain authority is important.

History Of Domain Authority:

SEO Domain Authority An Important Ranking Factor

The concept of domain authority started in the year 1999. In those days the web pages in the sites with high domain authority tend to rank better than the other sites. Google used the domain authority of the sites to rank them on SERP, Also they have analyzed the authority of the sites where the backlinks are coming from. Hence SEO analysts started building links from the high authority domains.

New pages of old sites perform better:

Site authority also works as an important factor. It is noted that the new content in the older authoritative website tends to rank better on Google than the new content on the new site. The reason here why the old site has more authority is that its brand may be represented or mentioned on Social Media platforms. This social signal gains authority to the website.

why domain authority is important

What makes pages rank on top?

Google uses backlinks to make the web pages appear on top. But it’s not the only factor to do so. Google started tracking the user’s behavior on SERP. If people spend more time on the website, then Google will think that there is some useful content is there on the website and will give a rank boost to the site. If the user bounces back to the SERP by knowing that there is no relevant content on the site, then Google will drop them from SERP.

SEO Is Still Domain Authority An Important Ranking Factor

Thus Google still uses domain authority as one of the ranking signals. Hence try to build links from high authority domains to your site. Also, provide some quality content to make the users engage more time on your website. This will make your website budge to the top of SERP.

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