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Good SEO Practices for Your Personal Website

Personal Websites

Most of the people were not aware about the importance of personal website. Also the people were not utilizing the personal website in a effective manner. Everyone must have their personal website to express their talents to the external world. Also you can check the article about “How to Start your Own Blog?“.

If you think creating and managing a WordPress Website or a Blog is too difficult, then you can check the video “How to start a WordPress blog in 5 minutes”. It is just the 5 Minutes Work.

Good SEO Practices for Your Personal Website

Ranking your personal in Search Engine is more important and also it becoming a difficult task. Most of the personal websites will be build to expose the talent of the individuals through blogging about it and by mentioning the works as a service. Once the personal blog is getting some quality conversions, then the people will turn it as their business websites.

Choose the Blog Topic

At beginning before starting your blog, you must choose the blog topic. Suppose if you have already started your blogs, then just organize the blogs based on the categories. Because targeting the blogs on particular topic will be more specific and will have easy targets.


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Basic SEO

Just implement Basic SEO for your personal website. Basic SEO is completely about Title, Description, Images and Internal linking. Make sure you adding the relevant title tag for your blog and also the description content must convey the information about the blog. Add relevant images and alt tags for effective ranking. SEO is very much important because even if your site is ranking in top, people will enter into it only after reading the title and description. So if the title & description is not relevant to their search then your blog will not receive any traffic.

Content Quality

Factor that influence the ranking of a website will be said as Ranking Factors. In that way, content quality will also plays an vital role. Because content quality will decide the bounce rate of the web page. If the content quality is poor and if doesn’t satisfy the visitor then he will leave the site in minimum time and at the same time, if the visitor read the entire content and spent some time in our website then that will reduce the bounce rate. Also there are more possibilities like reducing the bounce rate will increase the organic ranking in Search Engine Result Page.

Content type that boost traffic

Content Relevancy

Content Relevancy is more important when it comes to blog. Add more relevant content and provide some juicy links to other blog posts which makes the user to stay long time in our website. So make sure the contents were more relevant to the blog and it matters a lot to rank your site in top of search results.