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How Google Analytics helps to Track the Website Visitors?

If you are in need of something, then what will you do? You will just open your browser and will search for it. If the thing is necessary then you will buy the product or services if it looks satisfied or else you will be processing the things very slow. First you will check the specification and then will compare it with various other things and then finally you will choose the one which is looking best in terms of quality and also pricing.

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is web analytics software offered by Google and it is free to use. Using the Google Analytics you can measure the Advertising ROI and track your traffic in an effective manner. To integrate Google Analytics, you want to paste some code in your website and through which it gathers data to provide the effective results.

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How it Works?

If you are an administrator of a website then you can easily integrate the Google Analytics with your website just by placing a piece of code. Be clear, because Google Analytics code will get trigger only in the web page where it present. You don’t want to paste the code in every web page in your website to capture all the audience visiting your website. Instead it is recommended to paste the tracking code, in the header or footer section which is common for all the webpages.

google analytics

Once a user enters into the website then the code will get triggered automatically. Another goodness with the Analytics is that the details won’t be visible publicly. The data available in the Analytics will be in general format, for example: If the total number of visitors is 100 then it will show how many of them is male, female or Unknown and other details as like this.

Users don’t want to afraid that their personal datas may get collected through these analytics integrations. personal information like name, mobile number, or any thing won’t be collected or viewed publicly until or unless you submitted it manually.