seo friendly domain name

Choose SEO Friendly Domain Names for Your Website

Business over Online is very competitive and it’s increasing day by day. To project our business over Online, we must have a website through which user interacts and know about us. To start with a website, we need some basic things like Domain Name, Hosting and a Developer to design an attractive website. Among these things Domain is the Very basic and initial step of a website.

Choosing the Domain Name is very important because if you have chosen a wrong domain, then you may be in trouble. Also you must understand that the Domain Name do impact SEO. Most of the people were in an idea to buy Exact Match Domain. Some of them say it as Keyword Domains. Business people will have a thought to choose their business name as their domain name. Choosing the Business Name as a Domain will create a brand awareness among the people and also it is the recommended one too.

Domain Names

Most of the website traffic will be coming through Navigation search. Navigational Search is a type of search query entered with the intention of reaching the website. So when a potential customers search for those terms then it shows that they were more likely to find our website.

Brand Signals

Brand Signals acts as the way to differentiate a low quality brand and a high-quality brand. Suppose if a person is looking your website through some informational search query, then they will try to know about the website quality and its brand awareness by using the navigation query. Brand name matter a lot than the domain name but our domain name should follow our brand name.

Brand Name with a Keyword

Using Keywords as a brand name is not a bad practice and it is often called as Partial Match Domain (PMD). The problem with the Partial Match Domain and Exact Match Domain is not just the keywords in a domain but also due to other spammy stuffs too.


Tips to choose Best Domain Name

  • Avoid Using Numbers

It is better to use words instead of numbers. It may create confusion for the people whether to spell the number or to use numerical.

  • Avoid Misspelling Words

Misspelled Words will make the things worse. So avoid using hard or misspelled words to maintain the brand value.

  • Avoid Using Hyphens

Some people will think that using hyphens is a strategy but it’s not actually. Using the Hyphens is similar to that of using the numbers. People may forget where to use the hyphens. Sometimes small change in the domain may lead to someone’s domain.

  • Use Short Names

Using short names or easy words will make the things easy for the visitors to remember the site name. Using more than 15 characters is considered to be too long.