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Topics to be Covered in Advance SEO Training

Search Engine Optimization is very much important for Business People to grow their Business among your competitors. Here are the few things we must learn during the Advanced SEO Training Courses. Most of the Courses will teach only the basics and will mention it as advanced SEO training program or courses. People without the domain knowledge or practical experience can’t understand the things to be taught in basic SEO course and Advanced SEO Training Programs. Some of the things to be taught in sequence during the Advanced SEO Training programs were listed below.

Importance of SEO

What is Search Engine Optimization and How Search Engine Works?

During this training session, “Introduction to the Search Engine Optimization” will be clearly explained. Also, the learner must learn about the functioning or working of a search engine to understand the topic better.

Search Volume & Keyword Research

The keyword is a word or collection of words used by the user to search or identify the needed information over the web. It is very much important to identify the potential keywords for our business to maximize the visits of people to our sites. The keywords must be relevant to our domain and also it must have minimum search volume such that if our website is ranked in the top results for a particular keyword then it will gain visibility of the users.

On-Page Optimization

There are about 200 Factors to be considered for On-Page Optimization. It is not much easy to understand or teach the 200+ On-Page Factors during the Advanced SEO Training Courses. But some most important On-Page SEO Techniques like Title Tag Optimization, Meta Description, Choosing the Target Keywords, Heading Level Optimization, Content Optimization and so on. These must needed optimization will help you for better optimization.

advanced seo training

Page Speed Optimization

Page Speed Optimization is also considered as one of the Important Factor for Ranking a website. During Web Development Process, they may use some additional CSS, JS or HTML Codes. So minification of these Codes, Optimizing the Image and Effective Cache Implementation helps to Optimize the Speed of a webpage. This will be taught during the advanced SEO Training Program and learner must be capable to
understand the things practically.

Off-Page Optimization

It is must to teach about the importance of Link Building. There are two of links as internal links and external links. It is important to give the types of link and anchor text for better results. Off-page optimization plays a major part of SEO and irregular activities may spam the website. Also during this training, the link building strategies must be clearly explained to the learners.

Competitor Analysis

By identifying the potential competitors, we can analyze the competitor website and gather the positive things which can help us for better ranking. Most important thing is competitor backlink analysis to make sure our website is available in the place where competitor’s website is already published.

Marketing Plan

Knowing the things to be done for better optimization is available all over the web. But the most important thing to be learned from the Advanced SEO Training program is to setup the proper “Marketing Plan for Effective Ranking“.