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How to Push Down Negative Search Results in Google?

In practical, it is difficult to remove the negative results in Google. If you try to remove it, also definitely it will be available somewhere as a string. You can remove the negative search results with the help of a webmaster or website developer. Meet them and try to explain your situation and problem, they might help you to remove the negative search results. Here are some effective ways through which you can push down negative search results in Google.

1. Counter the Bad with Good

For example, consider your website. If it has more number of targeted keywords and they are positive with respect to customer search results then your site will be ranked top position. Likewise, counter the bad with good denotes, remove all the negative words in search results and replace those words in positive. These are very important in developing your business. This will have a direct impact on your business.

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2. Create and Promote your Social Media Profiles

Social media such as Facebook, Twitter, google+, hangouts, etc., are now at the top. If you search in google these results appear on the very first search. These media are highly ranked social media. You should get involved in it. Try to be active in these media. By these, you have a chance of getting communication with other business authorities also.

This not only improves your profile in social media but also will help to improve your search engine profile. There are some social media, which will help you to push down negative results in google. They are Facebook, Google +, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google My Business. If you use them regularly, you can always have in contact with your customers and push down negative search results.

Push Down Negative Search Results

3. Contribute to Relevant Articles, Forums and Social Channels

This might take a longer time to achieve, but the results will be better. Try to find forums, blogs, channels related to your industry and try to get involved in it. Create your profile based on the particular keyword and be active.

4. Create Engaging Content and Promote it to Influencers:

Have good quality content. Try to find frequently asked questions by customers and reply to them with simple, precise, answers with quality content.

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5. Engage and Promote the Positive Search Results:

As you get more good and positive results in social media, other forums and blogs try to engage them. Provide more positive information.

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