Why Performance Analysis Is Important?

Google PPC plays an important part in the life of every business promotion online. It is becoming viral and business people become more aggressive to reach people through Ads. PPC helps you to target more likely customers who are in search of your service or products. You will have to pay Google only when someone clicks your ad.

performance analysis

As it goes viral, it is important to closely watch our competitors. Hence, AdWords performance analysis is an important task to be done every day. You must spend 20 minutes of your time analyzing the performance of your campaigns, biddings and analyze your competitor’s market share and your ad position. Examining your AdWords may be pretty Overwhelming. You have lots of metrics to consider and change them based on the analyzed data to increase your ROI. Separate each metric in the table and analyze the data in real-time to optimize the campaign to the best and get maximum ROI!

Focusing on Metrics Sorting:

AdWords tables consist of Campaigns, AdGroup, Ads, and much more. When it comes to sorting and checking the performance, it takes some key activities to be followed.

PPC performance analysis important

First set your data range that is present in the top right corner of your AdWords Platform.

  • Then Sort by clicks, impressions, cost spent, CTR.

If you evaluate the performance and find it’s slow, the above measures that are sorted have to be changed for a better result.

  • If there is Low CTR, then people are not clicking your ad when it appears. This may be because of no clear understanding or it may be irrelevant to what the people are searching for. Have to think, analyze well, and make changes on Ads.
  • If there are low impressions, then your ads are not showing always. This may be because your keyword search volume is low or you may bid less while comparing with the competitors. Try to bid high or remove the low search volume keywords.
  • If there is a high cost/conversion, then you are losing your money. This may be because your bid is too high or your conversion rate is too low. Try to reduce your bid to reduce the overall cost/conversion.

ppc performance guide

Analyze Keywords Performance:

Go to your Keywords tab and check your keywords bid and performance of each Keyword. Check which keyword performance is better and the average CPC for each keyword. Based on your Keyword performance, limit your bid for low-performance keywords and increase your bid for high-performance keywords. By doing this, you will spend less amount for rarely used keywords.

Put more effort into AdWords performance to pay less and increase your ROI. As Keywords play an important role in each search, that has to be monitored aggressively. Show your ads to more likely customers and make them happy with your service.

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