MIL Domain Name and Uses

What is .mil Domain name extension and Who can use it?

Get straight to the point. Ever wonder how does it be if there was a domain extension that is specifically used and assigned for public service sectors?

The military is one of the strongest armed forces and highly organized forces protecting the country in means not only wars but also other means of intellectual things regarding political control.

This article is purely about the .mil domain or military domain which will cover but does not mean or will not allow (but secretly) you to buy any domain name under the TLD.

So read and get the knowledge.

About .mil domain:

Every government will be under a certain organization or government for the country. But not everyone has the sponsored or dedicated TLD extension for their military services. United States Government is the only country with a domain extension of .mil for their military for the internet world connection. But not mean or imply they only use the .mil domain for that purpose.

In general, such a website falls under the category of a reliable source which means the website only has information that is from a known source or valid.

The “.mil” domain is administrated by DoD Network Information Center (NIC). Only US military services, unified or specified commands, and operating agencies of the DoD which do not report through military service chains can be registered as a second-level domain under the “.MIL” domain. All other DoD organizations will register their second-level domain through their respective administrators.

In simpler words, .mil means that it is a military domain name used only by US military services.

Read more about how to register a domain name.

Few Department under the US use .mil mail:

  • Department of Army
  • Department of Air Force
  • Department of Navy
  • Department of Marine
  • Department of Coastal Guard

.mil email address:

Even though every department will have an email address, they need CAC (Common Access Card) to access the email address and to log in to the portal “” webmail and select your email certificate along with your .mil email address.

As like we normally have Gmail, outlook, and yahoo military persons also have .mil as their email address so that you can verify a person as serving or served under the military if they provide one.

Example: [email protected]. Here service is what sector they are working at.

.mil Domain Lookup:

As like every other TLD and domain name, you can also get some information about the .mil domain registrant. A registrant who is within the context of the US military can also enable privacy protection for their domain.

But you cannot find the veteran’s military service and medical records online. Only they can order records copies from photos to documents to search databases are available in the National Personnel Records Center, Military Personnel Records.

I hope this Knowledge is helpful for you to tinker the brain.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you purchase .mil domain?

Definitely cannot. Only US DoD organization or related services can register the .mil domain names.

Is .mil a reliable source?

That’s for sure. All government or military websites are considered a reliable source on web generally.

Who uses the .mil domain?

Only US military services, unified or specified commands, and operating agencies of the DoD can use it.

Is there database for military personnel?

Yes. But you cannot access or see them. Only military veterans and next of kins can view in their repository or database.

Who administrates the .mil domain?