Second Level Domains and ccSLD

What is Second Level Domain? – SLD and ccSLD

When it comes to a domain do you know it has been split into a division where each has its definition to work on? There are three divisions or levels in a domain:

  1. Third Level Domain or subdomain
  2. Second Level Domain or domain name
  3. Top Level Domain


As the theory goes from old times, domain means your website’s other name or address which your visitor or user gonna type in the search bar to find your site. It must be unique and cannot be shared among different sites. While choosing the domain, it is also important to choose TLD which you target the audience for worldwide, country-wise, locally, etc.

A domain name is not just stopping with TLD or SLD. It can come with additional subdomains and ccSLD. In addition, it provides further information about various functions of the TLD on a server to know the domain where it points to a web server.


To give an example, “” where blog indicates that it is used to specify the subdomain containing the blog section of the website google. This subdomain can help you classify the website into a more logical version or create separate sites and link with the main site.


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SLD - Second Level Domain

Second Level Domain Name:

Distinguishing the third-level domain and the top-level domain is what Second Level Domain is. Now you got the meaning right, didn’t you? Yes. the domain name you have chosen is what the SLD is.  It is a specific part of the website, a page, or a URL to complete the full domain name.

To give you a briefer explanation on this, the left of the TLD i.e., .com, .in, .net, .org, etc is a portion of the domain name. Both SLD and TLD combined to give the URL address.

Let’s take the example of a big company name Now you can see there is a portion left of the TLD .com – “google” is what we are trying to get you to know – “Second Level Domain”.


Country Code Second Level Domain:

What is ccSLD – The other SLD that often describes as ccSLD or country code second-level domain is the TLD that comes along with the Top-level domain. To simplify further, we can say that, with the same brand website “”. Here, what is interesting is that the level of the domain changes as how you see it previously.

Now, “.co” before the .uk is the ccSLD, “google” is the Third level domain, and “www” is the fourth level domain where .uk is the country code Top Level Domain.


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