Simple Steps to Start Your Own Blog in 5 Minutes

Creating an Own Blog or a Website is still a dream for many. If you are one among them, then it’s time to make it happen. If you have some talent, then it is more important to highlight it over the web. For example: If you are a regular reader, blogger, or expert, then you can start your own website or a blog to create it as a brand. Creating your own blog is very simple and also it doesn’t require any technical knowledge.

5 Simple Steps to Start Your Own Blog

  • Decide Your Blog.
  • Find the Web Hosting.
  • Pick Your Domain
  • Install WordPress
  • Design & Use

1. Decide Your Blog

Decide what to Blog About. I suppose you are part of a business then your blog should be related to the products or services. But if you are an individual then you will have full freedom and flexibility when choosing a topic. Important things to be noted before deciding your Blog are

  • Blog about the more interesting and enjoyable topics. Because the blog is not all about 10 or 20 posts, it is important to get going and remain interesting.
  • Choose the domain in which you have more knowledge about the industry and more. For example: Choose some topic on your own domain and just surf over the web, you can see some bloggers mentioning the things in an interesting way.

2. Find the Web Hosting

Once after chosen all about the Blog, choose the Reliable Web Hosting Services where you will get good customer support to start your blog without any issues. Web Hosting is the base of every website over the web, so it is very much important to choose the best and quality web hosting services. SEEKAHOST provides best-hosting packages with guaranteed uptime and 24×7 Customer Support.

3. Pick Your Domain

Domain Name is a website address, which connects people with your hosting. Choose a catchy and meaningful domain name to get some potential traffic. If you don’t have any ideas then use your name or something which will be more related to your blog contents.

For example: Here is our domain name.

It is recommended to purchase the domain name from the web hosting provider and which makes the managing so easy. Purchase your domain from Seekahost.

Register domain SeekaHost

4. Install WordPress

Instead of coding and fighting with your site, it is better to use a Content Management System like WordPress. It is the most used CMS because of User-friendly interface with thousands of free themes and plugins. If you want to add something in addition to your bog, then you don’t want to design or code it. Everything is available as WordPress Plugins which are easy to install and use.

If you are new to cPanel, read the steps to Install WordPress using One-Click Installer.

5. Design & Use

Congratulations!. Now you are the owner of a self-hosted WordPress website. Choose the design which you like and just customize it as per your interest. Once the design work is over you can start your blogging works. Start from the base, like creating the top-level pages and structure menu.

How to Start Your Own Blog

Now, all set, and your website is live. To rank it at top of Search Results, you must follow the Effective Ways to Rank a Website.

For more details check ->

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