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Core Parts of Search Engine Algorithm

A search Engine Algorithm is a piece of code and logic based on which a web page is listed in the search engine result page. The need for a search engine algorithm is to show the needed information based on the user’s search query. The main Head of the Search Algorithm is the KEYWORD based on which the results were displayed. It is possible to see the variation in results for the sentence misspelled or misused i.e., instead of singular if a word is mentioned in plural then the list of websites in the search engine result page may vary.

how search engine algorithm worksCrawling

Web Crawler also called Spider or Google Bot which crawls a website through Sitemap submission or through various URLs. Crawling is the process through which they discover your content and also they apply the no-follow and disavow links. Web Search Engines use the web crawler or some software to update their web content or the changes in the search engine results.

Search Console in Google Webmaster is the best and recommended way to submit the sitemap. Once the crawler enters into a webpage, it crawls the entire links pointing from that webpage. It may be of internal links or external links which are classified based on the link behavior.

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After the Crawling process and based on the various factors, Search Engines will index the web pages. Search Engine Indexing is the complete backup of the needed contents which gets stored in the database for easy and fast retrieval. All the websites crawled by the Web Crawler will not get indexed. Sometimes spam action of any site may de-index their webpages from the search results. So that the visitors or the users can’t see that particular page in Search Rankings.


Retrieval is the initial part of the search query where a webpage will be retrieved and ranked. Retrieval is the part of the search query which searches the web pages for keyword-related terms. The webpage retrieved must be more relevant to the search query to provide the best results for the users. It is an important part of the search engine because people will expect accurate results with a user-friendly interface.

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The ranking is the very important one for the search engine as well as the website owners. People who were in need of something will just open their favorite browser to search for it. Everything is competitive and people were fighting each other to rank their website at the top to make more conversions. This shows the importance of showing the relevant results.

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